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Henriette Schulze, Executive Coach

I'm Henriette and this is my story.

Purchasing manager, executive coach, wife and mother – I’m often asked what shapes me the most. My answer: all that and much more! I am the sum of all my experiences – both beautiful and challenging – and also everything I want to be.

As an ambitious buyer, I learned early on to communicate clearly, to move forward in a structured way and – yes – to remain steadfast under pressure.

Above all, my 6 years of experience abroad in Asia added to my repertoire and skills such as cultural empathy and self-management. Nevertheless, my entry into a management career was characterized by many ups and downs and a certain lack of orientation. Onboarding for the management role was virtually non-existent, if at all only accompanied by classic, very technical management courses.

I had the honor of working with a wonderful coach during this time – out of personal motivation – and was able to experience how enlightening and instructive the support of a coach can be. It was there that my idea for my UNPACKED method was born: Freeing your own leadership style from the dusty packaging through focused and intensive support. I really wanted to deepen this experience and pass it on to other managers.

My passion for creating the best quality program for my clients still drives me today and has ultimately led to my involvement with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and my certification as an Associate Certified Coach (ACC).